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April Panorama 2010

It has been known that pictures can speak better than words, so I decided to do Pictures Panorama for April month. I hope you like it!

  • My lunch from Chipotle restaurant. I highly recommend place for healthy fast food!

  • People waiting on lines to buy the apple’s new product, IPad!

  • Trying to follow up with my piano lessons. Piano lessons were not easy as I thought.

  • Portland is the city of art and music. In every corner, you find people playing beautiful music or displaying beautiful arts.

  • Two guys debating the existence of god on our university’s campus. The first guy believe that god exist and that the none-believer will go to hell, the other guys believes that religion is silly and none-sense!

  • A guy with his girlfriend setting and studying together. Isn’t that so lovely! I love people when they express their love in creative way, like setting together and reading something!

  • Eating some Italian food at the Pioneer-Square Mall. I miss my mother’s homemade food. I miss the smell and the taste of her cook.

  • I attended a philosophy conference at Pacific University. I learned how little I know about Philosophy!

  • I babysitt my nephew Mohammed twice a week! It is indeed a very good experience, do not you think that I should add it to my resume? 🙂

  • Here is why I drink coffee a lot: 20% because of the taste of the coffee, 80% because of the thoughts, ideas and emotions that flow continuously into my mind  while I am drinking coffee!

  • This is an interesting book I found while I was walking around in PSU bookstore. I didn’t buy the book because I have a lot of books in my shelfs that I haven’t read yet.

  • I finished two of my midterms so I finally had enough time to write posts in my Arabic blog, Murtadha Diaries. I will think of translating some of what I have written there!

  • I love to contemplate nature! I love to look at the perfect beauty of birds!

11 thoughts on “April Panorama 2010”

  1. Greeting dear Daniel;

    I have enjoyed your panorama for this month and what I enjoyed most is that you were a babysit for your nephew.

    Believe me that being a babysit will add benefits to you in the following:

    1 – To see how it is hard to deal with children;
    2 – how much efforts their mothers exert to them; 3- finally to think how to alleviate and share with your wife the process of your kid(s) raising.

    All the best for you, dear.

  2. Loved this so much! Your pictures were great and the captions even better! 😀 And, yes, watching your nephew is a wonderful thing. You know how enjoyable children can be and also how they can be a bit challenging at times. (Some more than others.)

    It’s great seeing couples studying together – just enjoying each other’s company while getting something done for school. And I also love contemplating nature. I cannot look at nature seriously without believing God exists! Stuff like that doesn’t just happen by chance!

    It’s amazing how coffee influences you! Ha! I don’t care for it, but that’s a lovely picture of your cup of coffee. 🙂

    How neat that you are taking piano!

    Great picture panorama. I greatly enjoyed it!

  3. This was an innovative panorama! Somehow I gravitate to the campus photos, the art with the cappucino, and of course your adorable nephew drinking his own preferred beverage! Hmmm on the CV? Only the matrimonial one! 🙂

  4. Hi, been a while to see your blog.
    You have been enjoying your life there and seems portland? is great place!

    I think your nephew is similar to you ?? Do you live with him together? 🙂

  5. Also, babysitting is the best birth control.

    Babysitting is great because you can always return the babies being sat.

    Daniel? You go by Daniel?

    I, too, loved this post.

    Najma needs coffee pronto!

  6. @Basim,
    It truly does. They say a person who learn how to babysit a kid, will learn how to babysit the world 🙂

    thank you for your comment Susanne.

    The conference was for philosophy major student around the states. Each student represent his research. There was a main speaker in the first day who talks about religion and philosophy. The conference was interesting overall.

    Nop, he lives with his dady and momy 🙂 but I live close to them.

    Daniel is my nickname. Many people can’t pronounce my real name so I thought it would be easier to go with a nickname.

  7. I really enjoyed your picture panorama for the month. It seems like you are “stopping to smell the roses” and not letting your busy schedule get in the way of that. It’s so important to appreciate the little things and be aware of your surroundings.

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