May 2010 Panorama

  • “The identity is: what we bequeath not what we inherit, what we invent and not what we remember”  I repeatedly say this famous saying of the poet Mahmoud Darwish to any one who asks me about identity of my culture.
  • “The major similarity between media news and pornography is that both influence negatively people’ perception and expectation of others.” Writing my thoughts about Media influence on people.
  • “Questions are the eternal truth, answers are merely a distraction…” said Aysha Alkusayer in her facebook status.
  • “Real loss is only possible when you love something more than you love yourself.”a quote from the movie Good Will Hunting that really fascinated me and got my attention.
  • “Do we have to fall from high altitude, and then see our blood on our hands, to realize that we aren’t angels as we used to think?” Said the poet mahmoud darwish
  • “I am allergic to dust, smoking and religion” Said one of my friend when I asked him about the things that he allergic to.
  • ” I never regret any moments of true sadness but I regret indeed  every moments of fake happiness” Said one of my friend in a personal discussion about her struggle to be happy.
  • “Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life” One of Mark Twain’s famous quotes
  • “Don’t worry too much about not having the entire story told. someone else will pick up the untold parts, and make another movie out of it” Said Alia Makki on her comment on my post Saudi Arabia with No Makeup
  • “I think it is impossible to dehumanize others and remain a human” That is what I said to my friend in a discussion about (We, They, and the Others)
  • “It is so sad that nobody understands me, but it is even miserable to realize that nobody has ever tried” a young girl speaking to her friend on the phone while walking.