Saudi Panorama

Here is my first Picture’s Panorama in Saudi. It should gives you an overview of my life here in the first two months. Beginning from next month, I will post a monthly panorama. My goal from these panorama is to give you a 360 view on people’s lives and expose you to a different people, different thoughts and different realities in a short sentences or in a collection of pictures. During my time in USA, I was able to meet people from all different faiths, races, sexes and countries. Here in Saudi, all people are Saudi. They are all Muslims. Men don’t encounter or talk with women freely and openly. However, I will try to my best to meet different people and share their stories and thoughts here.

  • I ,in a discussion with my brother about my life in USA, my impression of life here in Saudi, and my plan for the future.


  • I normally upload many Arabic poems in my IPhone so I can read them and try to memorize while I am waiting or walking.

  • In the first week, I went to renew my governmental ID and I was shocked with this mess. You have to wait on long line to get an application first, then on another line to get your application reviewed, then in another line to take a picture, then you are good to go. This process normally takes 4 hours or even more.


  • I took this picture while I was in the car. My city is known for being the city of farms. However, in this picture, some of the dates palms have been cut down.

  • Here is the picture of my nephew while he was trying to drink his tea ๐Ÿ™‚ he is the funnest kid in my family ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I went to mosque in Ramadan. Mosques are the place to promote a spirituality and understanding. Unfortunately, some mosques became a place for promoting hate and political propaganda.

  • You know me, I can’t survive without a coffee! Finally I found a Seattle’s Best Coffee in a Dammam Mall.

  • My brother, Mustafa, in a Thoab store to make his thab for Al-Eid.

  • A picture of a random street in Alhassa while I was in a car.

  • I went to Jarir Bookstore to buy some books. I am trying to increase my reading rate as possibly as I can. Please let me know if you have any book that you think I should put in my reading list.

  • In a juice’s shop. Everything here is natural 100%

  • In Ramdan, I was invited by many of my friends ย for Iftar (breakfast). A lot of food to eat, and I have small stomach for it, but I am gaining more weights which is really good ๐Ÿ™‚

  • In Alrashid’s mall, it is the only mall that allows single men to enter along with women. A lot of flirting and love stories happens there!

  • My nephews dancing together. I love kids and I never got bored of playing with them.

  • Rice and meat are the main meal of the day in Saudi.

  • My nephew, Hadi. He was a child when I came to USA in 2005 and look at how fast he grew up.

  • In Aljawazat, to renew my passport. It is a complete chaos. It made me question whether or not we live in 21st century.

  • Reading a magazine about sport’s fanaticism

  • In Alhassa’s train station, waiting for my train to Riyadh. Men and women are separated in the waiting area. The sign says (waiting for men)

  • I met some of my old friends with whom I have studied in Portland.

  • My father has a small farm and all my family during a special occasion like Al-Eid gets together in the farm. Here is the picture of my nephews (Ahmed and Hussain) in the farm.

  • In Al-Eid, people wear the best clothes they have, to go, meet and hug each other. The Eid gives you a feeling of brotherhood and love.

  • Here is my favorite breakfast meal, Alosho. I have been dreaming about eating this for five years and finally the dream became true ๐Ÿ™‚

  • A car accident with a gas track. The firemen who always comes late, were trying to save lives. I normally don’t like taking picture of car accidents but I took this picture very quickly for the sake of this post.

  • In the first week of Al-Eid, I read this headline in the Alyom newspaper. It says ย ” In the first days of Al-Eid, a husband congratulate his wife for Al-Eid with (You are divorced!)” !!!

  • I went to cemetery to visit the grave of my cousin. He died in a car accident when I was in USA. The view of the cemetery is kind of sad and scary. Some people comes to cemetery from time to time to remind themselves of the fact that one day, they will be here alone forever, with no family, no money, no fame!

  • Here is the Saudi side of me. I wore the Qatra with the Thoab in the Eid. I am very bad in wearing the Qatra, I can’t hold it on my head for a long time!


Back to Blogging, Back to Life

Before I start writing anything, I must say first that I miss you, my readers, a lot. I have been away from blogging for more than three months and ever since then, I felt that I am missing something important in my life, something that gives me joy, happiness, knowledge and inspiration. Blogging was a revolution in my life. It gave me a new vision, and new ways of looking at reality. I have never thought that I would be able to express my thoughts and feeling freely here before and I have never thought that I would make really amazing friends like you through my blog.

I have never wanted to be happy, or rich, or famous more than to be understood. To understand and to be understood are the ultimate goals of my life. I feel somehow warm here, I feel that I was able to understand you more and you were able to understand me better, so thank you.

P.S ย I am 23 years old now ๐Ÿ™‚ and oh! my blog is 4 years old.