A Lesson From Tunisia

Tunisian revolution has left everyone stunned and surprised. No one in the world has ever thought that a dictatorship like Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali, who ruled the country by force and torture for decades, would ran like a cat  begging a country after another for a political asylum. Most of the Arab countries, including his old allies like Egypt and Libya refused to provide him the political asylum, not that they don’t like him but because the fear of public reaction. Now as many of you know, Saudi Arabia is always different than any other country. They welcomed him in the country and he is now in Jeddah. Saudi people are very upset of that, and what do Saudi do when they get upset? They tweet a lot in twitter, change their facebook’s pictures and talk all day about it with their friends, until they go to bed at night.

I am very happy that Tunisian people got their freedom without any foreign intervention. I am also happy that they gave a lesson to Arab’s dictatorships around the Middle East . It is that you may control people by oppression and torture for ten years, twenty years, but not forever. People will wake up one day, and get their freedom back. Iran, Iraq and Tunisia have proven that.

The picture above from CBC News


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