Revolution 101

In 1991 when a massive number of Kurdish and Iraqi people started to rebel and uprise against the dictatorship of Sadam Hussain, the government responded with a military force and chemical weapons. Thousands of people and children were killed in all parts of the country. No body knew what really happened at that time. There wasn’t a youtube or an access to the internet in the Middle East.

Now things have changed, everyone has a camera, a facebook account and mayabe a youtube channel. Every thing is recorded, every gunfire, or abuse of power or a government’s corruption can be simply recorded and exposed to the whole world in less than three seconds. In 2011, people realize that having a facebook account can be more powerful than air force F16.

Tunisian, Egyptian and Libyan dictators tried to use military force to kill and silent the protester. The consequence was that every time they kill one protester,  the uprising gets bigger and bigger.  Arab dictators and presidents saw in front of their eyes, the ending cycle of corruption and dictatorships. If they ever thought that they are the god of their people, now it is a time that they wake up. The pictures of their faces in every newspaper’s cover and the compliments  of their vague work in the local TV are just an illusion and they need to wake up to realize the new reality.

So in this course: Revolution 101, I would like to show you how, when and whey revolution happens :).

  • A group of oppressed people join together in online in Facebook page to protest.  They decides to go out and protest in specific day. For egyptian people, it was the 25th of January, for Bahraini people, it was 14th of February. For libyan it was between 15th-16th of February.


  • People begins a peaceful protest in some parts of the country. The next day, more people join as they breaks the fear barriers.



  • The governments react to the protester by using a tear gas and a military force, but that is no longer an effective strategy. It just fuels the fire more and more.



  • Then, the detectors realize that they are powerless despite of all the military forces and power they have. So they appear on TV giving promises to their people of more freedom and more respect. But unfortunately it is too late, the people responds: where were you in the past 30 years?



  • Now the dictators get very disappointed and scared, so they play a dirty game to protect their places. They pay people to act and support their regime. But that is too a stupid idea.

  • At the end, people with strong determination and courage will always win. Victor Hugo has once said that when dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right. My prayer now for libyan people. I hope they over-through Gaddafi. Let’s hope for new light of democracy and freedom in the middle east. Let’s freedom ring in every Arab country.

Here is a picture of my nephew, Mohammed, celebrating with egyptians people their victory and their freedom. When he grows up, he surly will understand the meaning of this historical day.


10 thoughts on “Revolution 101

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  2. Zainab

    I have started reading your posts since last month .
    Actually ,I did read all the posts .I like some books that you have read .
    What has happened in the middle east is a real wake.I am proud to see Arabs fight for their rights also I admired Egyptian revolution as it was a peaceful revolution .
    Thanks Murtadha for this post ,,,,please keep posting Constantly.

  3. Sue Bingham

    Your nephew is adorable! It’s wonderful that you have a picture of his participation in these historic events. I pray that he grows up in a world that values human rights, dignity of all, and the aspirations of the individual.

  4. hania

    i am a pakistani, from a nation which is a democratic society. what good ahs it gotten me or my country or my nation????? One after an oother comes along who is puppet in the hands of america. dont you find it intriuging that the revolution in the middle east has started in the all the nations all at once????? y all the sanctions has been places only on libya??? y not bahrain???? are the kings not dictaors??? y the nato and un forces not coming for the rescue of bahrain or tunis or any other country>?????? Libya and gaddafi had the guts to stand up to america for sooooooo long, what other muslim country did that?????? Gaddafi was right inasking his nation if they want their future to like pakistan or afghanistan cuz thats what america is after.

  5. Lynn

    Awwww! Your nephew is just too adorable!! It is awesome that he will have this picture of himself participating in history!

    Hania, Democracy does not guarantee good leadership. It only guarantees that you get a say in choosing them. Sanction were only placed on Libya because that is the only place govt forces are out of control killing protesters. Did you see any of the other countries using airplanes to bomb their own people?

  6. Jerry M

    I think everyone knows why Libya was sanctioned. Libya has been far more brutal in attacking the protestors.

  7. sa'ada

    regarding hania’s sentiments about democracy:

    elections are not democratic. they are, as aristotle said, of an oligarchic nature. only rich and/or powerful people or those who are connected to them can win election to a high position. this means that ‘the people’ are not represented by those who are elected.

    sortition is a more just method of selecting representatives. it uses random selection just the same way members of juries are chosen in the US. anyone in any country anywhere who is working for meaningful change in their political system should advocate the use of random selection instead of elections.

  8. James Freemon

    “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”
    ~George Washington

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