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The Struggle to Write

Since I left Portland, I have been struggling to write anything in my blog. I felt the loss of the most important thing in my life, which is the ability to express my feeling.  Sometimes, I feel attempting to write  is like giving birth to words, painful in the beginning and may require Caesarean surgery.

I met a lot of people here in Saudi who have never been into writing experience in their whole life. They feel that they have nothing to write about! nothing to share! nothing to express! They misunderstood the main purpose of writing. You don’t have to have a good story in order to write. Good writers don’t write because they want other people to appraise them. They write because it is their passionate and they want to experience this unique way of self reflection.

It is indeed sad that some people have never felt the joy of writing until now. Their moments, feelings, ideas and most importantly their self reflection, went by with no record. I have read somewhere that we write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.

I think we should all have the courage to write our stories, regardless of how insignificant and senseless they might be.  The struggle to write is only in the first step, once you pass it, you will see your hands moving passionately to write your story and then, your whole life will change.

But what to write about if you’ve never written before, how to overcome the writing block, what is the secret of good writing?

How to write interestingly?

The concept of “writing well” is extremely relative. Well – for whom? Some readers will think that it is written well. Others will neglect your writing. It’s like with singers: in principle, everyone hits the notes, but you listen to someone as if spellbound but hate another one. 

However, to cut a long story short, to write well – is to write clearly, understandably, figuratively, structurally, and to the point. So that there was something to profit from the reader’s brains and from what to experience sensual pleasure. A linguistic feeling is also a feeling, and it must be cherished in oneself and satisfied in others.

Therefore, first of all, the writer must have something to say. They must have a thought. In the process of writing, it can branch out and become more complex, but the original clot must exist before the text. Or not a thought, but an image. Some kind of dense pulsation zone that induces one to fall into this pulsation. In general, desire and motivation are as important to writing as they are to love.

The second tip I learned when dealing with guys from the write my essay service. By the way, they provide the best possible essay writer help on the market. So, to be able to write, you have to write. Constantly. You cannot theoretically learn to ride a bike. To drive, you have to drive. Everyday. Sit down and pedal. Fall, get up, and sit down again. A blog or a page on social networks can be a good “bike” for a writer. 
You can write there shortly, slowly learning to express what you think and feel as accurately as possible. And here, there is an opportunity to get feedback from interested students from Saudi Arabia – your first readers.

So, let’s write and write and write until the last breath of our life.

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