Two days ago, I met a stranger in London underground as I was exploring the city. The conversation started small as I was asking about the underground map. Then, we found ourselves talking about everything from work to traveling to culture. He is from Canada working in UK and I am from Saudi coming here for a short visit. He is Atheist and I am a Muslim and despite so many differences between us, I realized that I have more in common with this total stranger than with the friends who speak my language or practice my faith. So, for those who confine the scope of their life  solely on one religion, one language or one race, and fight everyone who is different, will eventually realize how pathetic they are, because they simply failed to understand the most important aspect of life and it is diversity.


3 thoughts on “Diversity

  1. Asalamu alaikum, I like this post and kind of agree and disagree at the same time. I am a Muslim and I do have people I cherish that are not Muslims. These people are my favorite people and yet Prophet Muhammad , peace be upon him, explained to us that our fellow brothers and sisters are connected to us more than anyone else for their love of Allah. So there is that. And we must acknowledge it. In’sha’Allah. Those people in the Deen are then also my favorite people for the sake of Allah. Wa salam

  2. Nice to see a post from you! I like the simplicity and the message–one can expand one’s horizons without abandoning others or losing oneself. Good to know you shared such camaraderie with a fellow Canuck. 🙂

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