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We Are Responsible!

Whoever kills a soul…., it is as if he had killed the entire mankind


Whenever I watch the american news coverage of every terrorist attack on American soil, I hear media asking this question: Where are the moderate muslim? why don’t they speak up against Redial muslims who are killing on the name of Islam.

I used to think that it is absolutely ridicules to blame all people of an act committed by a few who are brainwashed and radicalized. Now, after the recent terriorst attack on my hometown AlHassa, which left at least 4 people killed and many others injured, I changed my view. I think we are fully responsible for every single terrorist attack committed on the name of Islam. Do you know why? because when an unpopular news paper made a cartoon of our prophet, we turned the whole world upside down, we protested, screamed, and threatened because the news paper insulted our prophet. But when the radical terrorists committed greater insult to our prophet by killing innocent people under his name, we simply walk away and say that it isn’t our problem. It is our PROBLEM! You may not admitted this now, but when these terrorists attack your own community, when the victim became your friend or brother, you will realize then this isn’t a story which you easily pass by without being furious and angry.

I am angry and sad. Angry because I feel that these terrorist attacks don’t shock us any more. It became part of our life. It became a reality in our region. I am sad because we don’t take enough actions to fight it and we don’t feel the responsibility to stand up and speak up against it.

Time is running and we need take a collective actions immediately. We have to end the so called Sunni-Shia fight and focus on one common objective. We have to start from our families and communities. We should condemn every act of hate, whether in twitter or in mosque. We need to stand up to the Imam in the mosque and tell him on his face that you can’t use us for your propaganda and if you continue your hate speech about any sect, religion, or country, we will kick you out of our mosque. We need to embrace logic and rationality and fight ignorance and hate. We need to teach our children not to be a followers of anyone but their own reasoning and logic. This can’t be done by running away from the problem and claiming that someone else is responsible for it. It starts by first admitting the problem. Unfortunately, we have not reached this stage yet.

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Name: Murtadha