Aug/Sept 09 panorama

  • “On this scale, most of us swing between the spectrums, fidgeting and waddling to find relative comfort between inevitable change and honored traditions. No matter where you find that comfort zone, and this is a proven true cliché, it’s the journey that makes it so memorable.” said Hnign in an interview with American Bedu
  • “It is easier for the people in the moon to fall down to the earth but very difficult to the people in the earth to fly up to the moon” said one of my friend
  • “Well one does not know all the answers of the actions one takes…we can just try to understand it.” Said Noor Murtadha in FaceBook chat.
  • “The word ‘forget’ in Mandarin is a combination of two characters: death and heart. Whoever invented this word, I think he or she must have been through an immense pain. Forgetting, the author was trying to say, involves the death of the heart. The heart dies out of hopelessness. I am trying to forget. I am trying to get out of the hole where I’ve been hiding to cry alone. But no one understands. I wish God would answer me back. But what is my pain, compared to so many others’? Said Sara in her email as part of telling her story!
  • “The message I want to give to both foreign men and women is that 95% of Saudis will not go against their family’s wishes. No matter if s/he loves you or not, Saudis are weak against what their families want. Tribal/familial ties always win over everything else. Some Saudis intentions are true, others are not. I was fortunate to have someone who was always honest with me. It is a shame that Saudis, particularly men, who know they are not strong enough to fight for their foreign girlfriend, put her through hurt, or even start a relationship in the first place. As for us foreigners, even when we may know the outcome, many times we think with our hearts before we do with our brains” a woman shared her story in a blog Future husband and wives of Saudi
  • “Life is beautiful, joyful and wonderful, I love it. And death is more beautiful, joyful, and wonderful. If done right!” Said Abduallah in twitter
  • ” Doesn’t seems that everyone love sex and yet everyone pretend otherwise! I think we need to talk about sex openly and honestly! we need to look at sex not as something disgusting and distasteful but as something very powerful and important in our life “ a speaker talking about Freudism and how people in many culture perceive sex wrongly.
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July 09 Panorama

  • ” When you have a sister, you have someone who cares about you, thinks of you, and never forgets you” said Dhiya  AlSuliman when we had a conversation about the advantage of having a sister
  • “The movie contained pornography content, you were closing you eyes and you missed all enjoyment and the pleasure” two guys from UAE talking to each other in the lobby about the recent movie they watch.
  • “I believe it is fair to say that in America most Americans have grown up hearing their mom’s and dad’s say “Clean up your plate.  There are children starving in the world with no food at all.” from American Bedu blog in her post Dining:Saudi Way vs The American way
  • “In comparison with capitalism, which reconstituted man as an economic animal; in comparison with Marxism, which found man an object made up of organized matter; in comparison with dialectical materialism, which saw him as unwitting plaything of the deterministic evolution of the means of production, Existentialism made man a god” Dr. Ali Shariati from his book Marxism and other western fallacies
  • ” I don’t want anything more than to be able to walk in the streets and shops without finding someone gazing at me or giving me a comment or flirting me” from najla blog in her post امنية
  • “… joy and sorrow are inseparable. . . together they come and when one sits alone with you . . . remember that the other is asleep upon your bed.” one of my best quotes of Kahlil Gibran
  • “It’s creepy but I live with the knowledge that my cousins were the victims of a selfish society.” said Coralbead in her blog‘s post
  • “I have learned from poor people that even if you don’t have enough money to buy the breads, you can still enjoy the smells of it” me talking to one of my friend
  • “They say one shouldn’t get upset over something that they never had. What a falsehood! For the deepest sorrow and pain comes from something that could have been but never was” Said my friend Terra Bliss
  • “The girl has died because we are a cowardly society, because we are afraid of pointing out the causes of the problems, because we are afraid of asking someone to fix it, because we don’t fight for out basic rights” Fouad Alfarhan’s comment on the death of a saudi girl in Jeddah’s beach because of  irresponsibility of governmental agency.
  • “I felt proud to be a Saudi woman in US, but as soon as I arrived to Saudi, I suddenly started to only portray myself as the American woman married to a Saudi. That way, I can get away with so much more” comment by Tasneem on my post Saudi Women in US.
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Saudi Women in US

Throughout my life here in Portland, I have met many Saudi girls who are incredibly genius, creative and talented. In every discussion I have with each one of them, I always feel sorry for my society for never recognizing this treasure, for never giving enough space for women to show their ideas and thoughts.

Saudi Arabia was always represented by men and never by women and I can say this: If we change just a little bit in this formulae, in this representation, and make it more balanced to give more space for women to represent this country, I can assure you that the we would a have a different society, more modern and civilized one.

When I listen to Saudi women when they talk, When I see their dreams as they walk around university buildings, When I see their ideas as it reflects freely in the reality without restriction , I realized that it is true that you just need one woman in order to change the direction of a whole society.

I remember one time I decided to give a workshop about ( exchanging ideas, blogging & open discussion) and I knew from past experience that Saudi guys will never show up because they never care! I went the class and I found most of the attendance are mostly Saudi women (and only two Saudi guys came to the workshop)

In general I can summary my observation and my interaction with Saudi women in following:

  • Saudi women in US don’t have that much interaction with American men but they do have a great interaction with a whole society.
  • I feel that Saudi women are better off when they aren’t that much socialized with each other because first, each one of them get to have a unique experience, and second, getting socialized with each other sometimes creates tension and sensitivity among them. That is true for Saudi guys too.
  • Saudi women are doing better job in the university than Saudi guys. They have a higher grade than Saudi guys most importantly, they never cheated or plagiarized while many saudi guys do.
  • Most of Saudi women feel that Saudi guys here in US are chaotic and gives a bad representation of Saudi Culture.(I agree with them in that)

At the end of my post, I would like to thank Saudi women whom I have met, worked or studied with: They are

  • Aysha Alkusayer, She is philosopher and psychologist, Intellectual and knowledgeable in any area. I met her when she gave a presentation in one of Saudi event at PSU. She encouraged me  a lot to start blogging. In fact, the name SaudiAlchemist was picked from her blog post.
  • Hanan AlSaif: I always seeks her advise whenever I have any new idea or project. She has a great perspective in every fields. She looks at things differently and I think that is the secret of her creativity.
  • Fatima Alkhars: I have worked with her in PSU Volunteer group. She astonished me by her organized and hard work in the club. She has done a lot volunteer work ( cooking for homeless communities, cleaning school garden, writing letter for ill children, etc) Everyone in the school is proud and amused of her work.
  • Fatima Al-Mousa: She has done several great events in our university. She is creative and makes something from nothing. From the first time you meet her, you can tell that she will have a great future a head of her.
  • Alia Kabbani: She works in a way that would surprise everyone. She transform her dreams into her reality in artistic way. She learn from everything and everyone and she leaves her footstep behind every journey.
  • Fatima Albar:  She is pursing her master in double major (engineering and something else) She is such aspiration person to many of us.
  • Kholud Alsaif: She inherited her dad’s dreams as well as his amazing thinking.
  • Soha Alsharifa: I refer to her as a woman who is stronger than 10 men. She came to US to study journalism. She is kind, brave and funny in the same time.
  • Leena Neyaz: She has done a lot for the Saudi Club and I always see her as an example of women who never gives up. She recently moved to Florida to complete her master degree.
  • Byan Daker: She works part time job at PSU international office and whenever I come by, I always feel proud of her because she represent a great image of Saudi women in her workplace.
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Bloggers Panorama

  • “I too don’t like the concept of everything happened for a reason or fate, the resaon -whatever it was- may take longer than our life time to be revealed” Hala Aldoseri commenting in one of Marahm post regard fate
  • “Oh, no! If people got to know each other before marriage, NO ONE would get married!” Marahm quoting her Egyptian’s friend during a lively discussion
  • “I have always said that Saudis should not complain about how hard it is to get a visa to any country as long as it is still extremely hard to get a visa to come here. The foreign ministry is not making a good point when they compare Saudis to citizens from other Gulf countries; these countries offer visas to EU citizens on arrival at the airport. It is all about reciprocity” from Ahmed Al-Omran post Visa Wars and Reciprocity 
  • “It is probably best to believe that discrimination against, race, gender or faith would never change. To live in a remote state, while “others” fix the problem” said Aysha Alkusayer when she couldn’t enter the audition for a comedy in Riyadh after it has been announced that is is open for men and women
  • “We didn’t and still don’t know the truth about this country (Iran) and of its social and intellectual structures. I would say that I didn’t notice in those days when I walked between the exhibition halls and the streets of some of the popular markets and five stars hotels and popular restaurants and businessmen’ palaces, any manifestations of signs or indications of a strongly revere and sanctification of Khomeini and his group as we imagine*” said Yaser Alghaslan in his blog post Tahran as I see it (*translated by me)

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December Panorama


  • “Homesickness to me is an attempt to be stable in an unstable world”
    my niece ,talking to me about homesickness after her arrival to US.
  • “I think what that iraqi journalist did to Bush is very foolish and stupid. Bravery and honor doesn’t come from throwing shoes , it comes from standing against the chaos that is in Iraq.”
    talking to my friend after watching the video in the news.
  • You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star” Friedrich Nietzsche
  • “Do you know how does love start! love starts first with small emotion, then it get bigger and bigger!”
    Kuwait girl explaining to me the love process!
  • “It is impossible to prove the existence of god speculatively, yet impossible to prove his nonexistence!”
    A French professor lecturing in a movie
  • Most of us talk about happiness as we already have it, while nobody has it, it is our infinite journey to happiness what makes us happy. A guy talking to me about the finite happiness
  • ” This beauty, i mean the beauty you see in this world, is relatively small compare to the great beauty of god, how come people leave the real beauty and run for the fake ones!’
    a Muslim teacher speaking to the students.
  • Philosophy to me is basically simplifying the simple ,, this is why it is complicated ”
    me, defining Philosophy to my friend.
  • When you burn a flag of any country, you don’t burn a president or the government ,, you burn a history and great civilization” my comments over some Muslim who burned US flag because of the US support to Israel