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Open Panorama

My monthly panorama is the most important section of my blog. It is a collection of observations and saying from people around me, illustrated on short sentences. My goal is to represent others’ views of different topics on their own words.

This month, I would like to make the panorama open for my readers: so basically, think of a saying you have said on specific topic  or think of anything you have heard from your friends, or from person in the street and write it down here. When you write it down as a comment in this post, I will add it directly to my original post under your name so that everyone can read it. I will start first one

  • “Dear Murtadha, you and many Saudi bloggers have the abilities to write and criticize the society and that is good but we don’t need that anymore. Everyone can write and everyone can criticize. It is easy to criticize but It takes courage to go, do change and offer solutions.That is what we need. We need someone who offers us a solution, a path or a correction rather than continuously saying we are wrong” Said anonymous in his email to me.
  • “We live in a “Culture of Silence” and generations of our people (Muslims) here have suffered so much because of it. What’s even more sickening, outsiders get a distorted image of Muslims because of this. Because of our silence, we let selfish people rule over us, and because they know we don’t speak up, they think they can scare us forever. Don’t be like us. Change the order of things. Stand up and show to the world that we don’t like what’s happening and we’re willing to change it. Let’s not wait for the next time that another large group of people will be shot, crushed by bulldozers and then thrown and buried in a pit” A professor’s statement while discussing the gruesome killings of 57 people, mosly women, in my country. via coralbead
  • “In America, I see Islam, but not many Muslims. In Saudi, I see many Muslims and not a lot of Islam.” Said to me by a Saudi student studying in America. via Baker
  • “We are alive Alhamdillah. We are not among the 77 [now 113] who died in Jeddah as a result of 3 hours of non-stop rain. Shame on us!! Shame! No plans, no engineers, no brains in our beloved KSA?! I hope the number of casualties will not rise.” from a Jeddan friend, in reply to my email asking if his family were affected. via Chiara
  • “When you are joyous, look deep into your heart and you shall find it is only that which has given you sorrow that is giving you joy. When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight” One of my favorite quote of the poet Kahlil Gibran.
  • “But more and more I believe it’s our impact on individuals that matters most. I want to use my wealth and my life for that purpose, not to add to my personal comforts. I’ve got too much of everything as it is. Every single thing we own actually owns us in some way or another — they all have to be cleaned, or maintained, or fixed, or appraised, or insured, or some such thing. It all takes time and that, I’ve realized, is an absolute finite commodity. Wasted time can’t be redeemed. And a wasted life? Well, that’s a tragedy.” From “A Thread of Truth” by Marie Bostwick. via Susanne
  • “It is possible for one never to transgress a single law and still be a bastard” Hermann Hesse
  • “When someone does you a big favor, don’t pay it back… Pay It Forward” from the movie Pay it forward

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October 09 Panorama

  • “Becoming a Muslim has not stopped me from questioning. I still ask God what life is all about. No, I’m not defying God. But I have a mind and it can’t help itself but question. If God had created us for the purpose of worshipping him, what does all this hardship mean? Where does all the effort of our sincerity in everything we say and do go?” Said S.L in the email
  • “Our new mission is to shut up and represent your self in very different way, my idea is to represent our civilization not through boring lecture and movies, but rather through volunteer work in various portland communities. People are no longer interested in listening about how nice and modern saudi is, they are more interested on what impact saudi can contribute here and there” Me, giving an overview about creating a saudi group dedicated  for volunteer work in Portland.
  • “There are people who have suffered, but at least their lives appear in books. Their hardship has not gone unappreciated by the world. Sad are those millions who had passed us by and gone through even worse trials in life without having their lives and achievements recorded down. Sad are those who are suffering and have no one to turn to. Are their lives less precious than those lucky ones?” Said one of my friend
  • “I need to get married soon, otherwise, I will commit adultery fornication” one saudi guy studying in US talking about how he persuaded his parent to support him financial to get married
  • ” I love you, I love you”  an american drunk girl screaming inside the elevator!
  • “Do you know when someone should start saving money for his/her kids’ college and future! most of you don’t! You must start saving for your kids before they are actually born” My finance professor talking about investment and the future value!
  • “I think you are wasting your time on writing in your blog. Murtadha, you need to be practical and stop living in your imaginary world. You are a finance student , not an art or literature student” said one of my friend after reading my blog
  • “Folks, Believe me, you have time now more than you will ever have in the future!” said my professor after we complained that school is keeping us very busy to the extend that we don’t have time to follow up the international news and market.
  • “I think we should stop lying and be ourselves. Do we have social problem in our country? Yes, we have. so why do we fear of saying yes! every country in the world has social, political, and religious problems. You can’t hide anything anymore in this world, people would think that we are stupid if we try to present our country as ideal, rich, perfect country! ” my discussion with my fellow students in Saudi Student Club at PSU
  • “I don’t know why people kill themselves and yet it is a small step to empathize, to say, because we all experience a moment of despair that it would be much easier not to do this anymore but for most of us the sun comes out and then, well, tomorrow is another day” quote from the movie “The Bridge” the movie talks about a one year observation of the those who jumped off the Golden Bridge and committed suicide. Very shocking movie!

Note: Dear readers, I apologize for not being able to reply to your comment quickly due to a heavy load assignments and exams from the school.

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December Panorama


  • “Homesickness to me is an attempt to be stable in an unstable world”
    my niece ,talking to me about homesickness after her arrival to US.
  • “I think what that iraqi journalist did to Bush is very foolish and stupid. Bravery and honor doesn’t come from throwing shoes , it comes from standing against the chaos that is in Iraq.”
    talking to my friend after watching the video in the news.
  • You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star” Friedrich Nietzsche
  • “Do you know how does love start! love starts first with small emotion, then it get bigger and bigger!”
    Kuwait girl explaining to me the love process!
  • “It is impossible to prove the existence of god speculatively, yet impossible to prove his nonexistence!”
    A French professor lecturing in a movie
  • Most of us talk about happiness as we already have it, while nobody has it, it is our infinite journey to happiness what makes us happy. A guy talking to me about the finite happiness
  • ” This beauty, i mean the beauty you see in this world, is relatively small compare to the great beauty of god, how come people leave the real beauty and run for the fake ones!’
    a Muslim teacher speaking to the students.
  • Philosophy to me is basically simplifying the simple ,, this is why it is complicated ”
    me, defining Philosophy to my friend.
  • When you burn a flag of any country, you don’t burn a president or the government ,, you burn a history and great civilization” my comments over some Muslim who burned US flag because of the US support to Israel
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the 6th panorama

I.”at some circumstances, slavery means a total freedom and pain means a total happiness”
talking with myself while i was walking
II. “I don’t believe in god, i don’t really like the concept of organized religion but at the same time, i don’t consider my self as an atheist”
An american friend talking to me about religion
III. “women enjoy sex too! their orgasm is twice as men orgasm”
one of my friend talking to me about sexuality from women perspective

IV. “i know myself,, saudi women can’t fit with my lifestyle” saudi student explaining to me why he doesn’t want to marry a saudi girl

V.”human beings can’t invent lie, they can produce it.. produce it from their past, from something they hide so long or something they fear to tell”
” talking to one of my friend about how we can learn so much about a person through his lies”

VI.”yes, we had sex several times”
saudi classmate talking openly about his sexual relationship with his girlfriend

VII. “my family get so angry and upset when they knew that i am in relationship with an american girl. they said that their reputation was ruined because of that” a saudi guy telling me about his problem with his family. it is count unacceptable in saudi culture to be in relationship with a girl without a marriage contract

VIII. “Wallah, it is very hard to describe my feeling, she came to me with her nude body and dance around me, seduced me.. but i couldn’t touch her*.. i feel like i am weak,, or slave to her body”
saudi guy describing to me his experience in nudity-topless bar.
* in nudity bar, people aren’t allowed to touch the nude girls unless she give them the permission or the client pay more or something,,, that is what the guy told me, but i am not sure though if that is true or not!
IX.”there are many thing  in life that can’t be seen or touched”
my respond to one of my friend when she ask me if i have seen god visually
X.”just like i survived 18 years in my country without meeting myself”
” my respond to my friend when he asked me: how could you survive 3 years in US without meeting your family?”
XI. “when you suffer so many times, pain would become your companion, you wouldn’t feel the pain but rather the joy that comes with it”
a friend talking  to me,,,( just like i expected,, people enjoy pain more than happiness )

XII.“Eventualism isn’t designed to answer all questions. It’s designed to question all answers” one of my friend believe Eventualism, i love to have friend who has a different ideologies

XIII. “I believe in myself slowly, it takes all of the doubts i’ve got. it takes my wonder”
reading a post on tri-met bus
please don’t make any generalization based on one individual observation of these, individual represent only themselves
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the 2nd Panorama !

This is a second attempt of combing several stories together at one page. I am thinking of doing a panorama every week. I thought it is a good way of presenting a long stories in short sentences.

I.”the most difficult stages of grief are those that can’t be expressed in our face”
(photographer describing a pic of someone)
II.”It is only until you have accepted your insanity that you are truly insane”
(homeless holding this post in a pioneer square)
III. “you can’t really tell how many girls are sexually abused in a country like Saudi Arabia since there is no valid source that can tell you that. Victims rarely tell their family or even a police about their rape issue because they know that they will be questioned  and blamed first”.
(my respond to one of my friend when he said that the rape statistic in KSA is very low because of restriction that comes from religious police)
IV.”Aha,, so it isn’t men problem,, it is women problem.. this is very interesting! blaming the victim for a crime that men do”
(my respond to a guy at PSU when he said ” women are raped because they don’t dressed properly)
VI “the different between a victim and a survival is that a survival speaks out”
(a girl that was sexually abused speaking out at PSU park)
V. “i am willing to work as a dish washer.. or even bathrooms’ cleaner at the university. it is just a great opportunity to experience a different life”
( answering my friend’s when he asked me ” why do you want so hard to work at campus”)

VI.“We might be products of our past but we don’t have to be prisoners of it”
(a text message that i got from one of my friend at 12 a.m)
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Different Panorama!

Panorama is an attempt  of combining series of real stories together at one page. It is basically my daily observation of people’s life.I was hesitated in the beginning  of taking this step but later on i realized that in our world there is nothing that deserve to be invisible!

I.”I have been hoping that one day i can meet a person who can listen to my life’s story without emotion or judgment.  A listener that can take everything inside me and leave with no coming back!!” (an anonymous girl responding to me when i said that i trust strangers more than my friends)

II. you don’t see my tears when i cry. you don’t feel my pain when i suffer
( that was what a depressed man said to his face in the mirror)

III.”Whenever i search for myself i find the others, and when i search for them i only find my self.. so am i the individual crowd” ( from reading Mohammed Darwish’s poem last night)
IV. For the first time, I feel like I own my self !!!
( saudi student telling his mom about his experience in individualistic society (US)
IV.”When I feel that the reality doesn’t belong to me anymore, I try to build a new one in my imagination”
( my respond to my roommate when he asked me why do I think so much!)

VI.”Playing video game is better than drinking beers or going to the night club”
( A saudi guy at PSU responding to my question; why do you waste your life’s time in playing video game?)