The Story of a Picture

Photography and People

I love taking photographic picture of children. Children represent the beauty of life in very simplistic way. This week, I went with My brother Mustafa and his wife Amani to take picture of my cute nephew around Portland. I babysit the baby two days a week so I think I have successfully developed a friendship with the baby 🙂 except for changing his diapers. I am still in process of learning. They say that a man who change diapers, change the world! so this is why I am trying to learn how to do the job perfectly lol.

Anyway, I also love night photography. Night represent another life that most of us have never seen. I normally go walking around Portland for one hour or more. I love how the light and darkness are drawing the beauty of the night. I also contemplate those who walk alone and find nobody but their shadows to walk with them. There are also those who don’t have homes so they sleep on the ground. I heard from one of my friends that some of them never wake up again in the winter! They simply die on the street because of the harsh weather! regardless of all that, they keep the smile on their face even when they were asleep. I have also seen my people holding their tears as they walk around  the river. Sometimes, I thought of getting close to them and express my willingness to listen to their stories but I have never tried.

So this is why I am opening new category in my blog called The Story of a Picture. I will carry my canon camera with me whenever I go so I can represent people’s stories through pictures. Below is a collection of picture I took this week and last week.

The Story of a Picture

The Untold Story


The light’s reflection on the two chairs means something. The shadow of the walls and the darkness in the back illustrate something interesting too and what about the two chairs that aren’t facing each other! They have to mean something. If you combine all these things together, you will get to see a story that is untold before. So open your eyes for everything in life and listen carefully to the nature. The walls, the trees, the river and even the sky. They all have a language and they all have a story to tell but who listen!

I took this picture last night using my new canon camera. What meaning does this picture illustrate to you?